Why flutter for Mobile app development?

August 8, 2022
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These days, mobile app technology is the greatest revolution. In this competitive era, many business applications fail awfully. There might be several uncertain reasons behind it that might be related to design, originality, development of technology, easiness, etc.

Thus, the selection of appropriate technology is essential for successful mobile app development. This blog discusses one of the great technologies Flutter - a new open source for creating mobile applications.

It was released in 2017 and created an extraordinary position because of its strong features and specifications, its uniqueness made it a huge success in the mobile application development industry.

A few majorly successful apps built with flutter are My BMW, Reflectly, Google ads, Phillies Hue, New York Times, Dream 11, etc.

Further in this writing, we'll gather information about what is Flutter and what makes it so popular.

What is Flutter??

Flutter is an open-source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively assembled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. It has redefined the way how small businesses, freelance developers, and startups work around creating an application across operating systems, web, and desktop with a single codebase which makes things easy and super hassle-free.

According to a recent survey, Flutter stands to be the most popular choice for developing Cross-platform applications and holds a market share of 42 percent. More than half a million developers use Flutter each month.

How is flutter any better??

Want to know what makes flutter a creative and adequate framework with a seamless experience? Important explanations that make flutter a real deal are given below:

Cross-platform app development.

When it comes to app development there comes the development of it on different operating systems iOS and Android. But what if it can be done simultaneously?

Flutter makes it all possible. Flutter provides tools that can save your time and save you from the hassle included in developing applications on different OS. Flutter can develop an app with a single codebase.

Google as its backbone.

With a great SDK (Software Development Kit) it makes detailed native compiled apps that work on mobile, desktop, and web with a single code base.You can be confident that Google will continue to fix bugs, release new versions, and contribute to the development of technology as efficiently as they can.

Time and cost-effectiveness.

Assembling one codebase rather than two is a positive advantage. Flutter creates applications on IOS and android with a single code base. It becomes much more time and cost-effective and cuts it into half of what it used to be earlier.

Companies using Flutter mentioned that it can reduce the development cost and allocate budget effectively.

Impressive and Customized Designs.

Flutter helps you with uncomplicating your widget and revising the present ones using its app design tools. Developers are given more control over exactly how they want to layout their applications and develop a successful application with less hassle.

As soon as the developer makes the changes to UI and the designer does the modification can immediately be seen in the app development process.

Dart language.

Dart is an open-source, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language with C-style syntax developed by Google in 2011.

One of the best factors of Flutter is it uses Dart programming Language, deep digging Dart language is much simpler and offers outstanding speed and execution.

Identical UI and Business Strategy on each platform.

Flutter has a common UI pattern created to reuse widgets. It reduces the need of creating individual designs, colors, styling, etc. The adjustments can be easily made with a simple code arrangement change for the mobile Operating system.

Quicker applications.

App-based on Flutter SDK Excel in functionality. They work with great speed which is a game-changer for mobile app success.

Any revisions in the code are made immediately visible in the app. Flutter’s hot reload assists you in rapid experimenting, building UI’s, adding features, and fixing bugs.

Hot reload works by inserting updated source code documents into the running Dart Virtual Machine (VM). It automatically restores a widget tree allowing you to rapidly review the changes made and look at the ultimate design display.

Less testing.

When your application has a single code base it is obvious that the quality assurance process is automatically speeding up. Since the testing times become quicker you can have a lot of time to market it, creating a prototype becomes easier and thus the app can be presented in front of a real-time audience as well as in front of investors much more quickly.

Social media networking apps.

Since social media has become such a boosted part of active users and thus its networking depends upon the user base. With a flutter, you can easily double the customer base by providing a tap on both operating systems iOS and Android. Since the coding is simultaneously done it can reach out to the market much quicker and capture the target audience.

Perfect for MVP ( Minimum Viable Product ).

An MVP refers to an application with just enough features to be tried with the early audience for feedback for further development.

Now how is Flutter a perfect choice for it?

Any agency be it a growing one or a startup needs an MVP that could be tested with the audience and presented in front of investors. Thus, Flutter is a great choice as it is time effective, with nominal costing as well as hassle-free because of the single codebase system.

Wrapping up

To be accurate Flutter is a huge game-changer in the community of mobile app development. It makes tasks efficient and cost-effective as well as super easy with a single codebase system. Above are all the reasons to use flutter as a part of your application development journey to make it a countable and successful one.

Flutter must be the first choice for you in case:

- When you need an application working on Android and iOS with the best UI that offers you logical UX and extremely fast results with minimum hassle.

- When you are looking to develop an MVP in less time and nominal cost.

- A quick app launch in the market.

- Newbie developer looking for a Single codebase working for both android and iOS or someonewho wants to avoid the hassle.

- When you are looking for outstanding designs, UI, and UX tools to develop your application.

The flutter community is working dedicatedly to increase the framework’s value and has agreed to create better standards in the world of cross-platform growth in 2022 and beyond.

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