15 proven Social Media Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Social Media Campaigns

August 8, 2022
Creative Hustlers

With over 4.48 billion active users and globally giving an average of more than 2 hours regularly social media can be the most effective medium to establish a business or to make an online existence to make digits. It acquires traffic which ultimately leads to sales and figures. The best part is you grow through your skills and creativity regardless of any bias.

From a 13-year-old to a 70 year everyone is a part of social media or at least aware of it. 93.33% of internet users are on social media; nonetheless, a huge 85% of mobile internet users are active on screens.

Apart from these figures, an average social media account is 8.4 per person globally where India stands to have the highest number of 11.5 PP and Japan being the lowest with 3.8 PP.

So, being able to see such great potential in social media I’ve put together 15 amazing social media marketing suggestions, strategies & angles to help you put together a successful social media marketing strategy.

Let's get started.

Identify your audience and choose the right platform.

It's wise to start by setting a foundation for any plan and identifying your audience to give the best outcomes for your business strategy. But, the first and foremost thing once you know the nature of your business is to find the right social media platform to exhibit your business. The mistake people make is by signing up and promoting on every single platform which is incorrect.

For example, if you're a Makeup artist spending your best resources on Twitter it won't be giving you the outcomes as per your investment because Twitter is more of an informative platform and Art must be promoted on a visually appealing platform to get the best outcomes.

Get your audience involved.

The best way to draw attention is to get engaged with your audience. Conduct Q&A, involve them with your coming decisions, organize giveaways and ask for suggestions to make them feel like a part of a team. The best way to connect with your audience is to make them feel wanted and give them what they want, not what you wish them to give.

Because in the end, the target is to get the best effect out of the effort made.

Treat every platform uniquely and experiment with them.

Every social media has its value and content to be pictured. Don't follow a monotonous pattern of content delivery rather give every social media its content. For example, connect with the audience and show aesthetics on Instagram and Pinterest, show BTS or have unfiltered gossip on Snapchat, post blogs and vlogs on YouTube, etc…

So, don’t go wrong with it and outline a plan of content and experiment according to the demand, trends, and transitions happening around social media.

Move with Trends and focus on long-lasting impressions.

When I talk about moving with trends it doesn't mean striving hard to be cool, it means working on content in such a manner that it leaves a long-lasting impression while collaborating with the latest trends going around.

What it does is it maintains your feed as a whole targeting and portraying your business or service giving the message you desire instead of just moving with trends and being random just for the sake of views and likes.

Don't hesitate to spend on advertising.

People frequently see social media as an organic activity; nevertheless, one should be open to trying a paid marketing medium. You can use paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc to elevate your marketing game.

Now, coming to what it does. Once you know your target audience as well as small aspects like age group, location targeting, etc you can reach out to an adequate and huge set audience. Do not rush to pay a huge amount for it, take tiny steps and know-how is it working for you to move accordingly. You never know it might turn into a good investment.

Make shareable content.

What's the best way to attract the attention of your audience and make goodwill? It’s when your online community shares your content that leads to attracting an organic audience that has a keen interest in your product or service along with making them trust your brand.

But what is this Shareable content?

Know what people follow you and your business for and share what adds to the knowledge of the audience or what’s eye-catchy. For example tips and tricks relating to the nature of your business, advice or suggestions, visually pleasing content, memes, and videos, giveaways, offers, etc with good quality and designs.

Visually pleasing and high-quality content.

While making content or working on its delivery concentrate on quality visuals to expand your media.

But why?

It’s evident that people find visuals much more attractive and tend to share them much more. Besides, visuals offer more valuable content as it leads to attracting much more traffic than being too basic. They say 1st impression is the last impression and giving your audience quality content makes them engage more and would lead to higher sales and figures.

Influencer marketing.

A while ago influencer marketing was limited to celebrities and a few well-known influencers. But in this era with a large base of audience and influencers creating high-quality content marketing through them can attract their audience to bring organic traffic to your business.

But, which influencers should be targeted for your marketing campaign?

Target influencers: Keeping in mind the nature of your business.

For example, if you sell makeup or skincare go for beauty fashion influencers, if you sell financial services so target financial or marketing advisory influencers etc.

This is how it works the best for you and also it's a taboo that influencers having higher digits contribute the most to reach and sales. No, it would be naive to refer to that taboo instead of influencers with a fair amount of reach but rich in content who might contribute more.

So choose wisely and quality over quantity.

Be authentic with your audience.

Despite being a copy of your favorite or competitive business concentrate on adding your uniqueness to your media handles.

This will help you set your value in the market space and the audience these days gets attracted to something fresh, relatable, and which touches their soul.

Make the audience a part of your journey and make them feel relatable about the content.

Always know the purpose of your business media handle is to make your audience happy and engaged which ultimately leads to sales and making good numbers in business.

Now, do you know what makes your audience more affectionate towards you and makes a connection with you?

It’s when you make them feel wanted and show them your growth, little limitations, behind the seasons, and events and tell them the story behind all of it and the struggles which you faced. It makes them relate it with themselves and feel more empathetic.

Keep it simple yet significant.

Keep your campaign slogans, graphics, videos, and stills simple, clean, and impactful. It is noticed that the audience likes the campaign which is understandable and catchy despite adding complicated technical terminology to it.

Make people understand your message through your campaign adding higher chances to be shared. Work of its designs and artisticness.

Work for causes & engage the audience through content and offers.

Participating in crucial matters of society is the best and most valuable part of society. Thus, if you want to come with value & content that empowers others and makes your brand more likable which can be the best part that leads to goodwill and sales.

And what makes you happy and draws your keen attention to ads are offers that tempt you during festivals and seasons or giveaways with attractive goodies etc. So plan such days prior and hit right with the right strategy.

Work with sales to know about the market and your audience.

To market any product you must be familiar with your audience and their market behavior. To do that, have a close touch with the sales department and know what is your USP, what are your shortcomings, and which products deliver a dead value in your display. Once you know your market works closely on content that best fits to attract the audience.

Time is the key.

It is not just essential to post at any random time you wish to and get the desired amount of traffic through it. Have a little market analysis and check insight to know what is the “most active time”. There are many tools to set reminders and timers for your posting when pre-scheduled by the social media marketer.

Empower your team.

If your team isn't a part of promoting your brand it's easy to get them involved in the effort equally. They might not be part of a high following but they can surely make goodwill terms to their small audience.

Include your employees in being a part of your marketing campaign and generate excitement about the campaigns by making them ask for suggestions and showing their part in the business team.

Keep a track of insights.

Monitor the increase in conversions through social media branding strategy. To estimate how many conversions your brand has attained through the social media branding strategy measure the KPIs. And this can make you aware of the number of figures like likes, comments, tweets, shares, and Mentions and know how many of them are quality organic ones.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned in the above blog it was a sum-up of all your social media queries and a structure of tricks that can take your brand to different heights of success on media platforms.

With a huge number of active users irrespective of age and location, social media marketing can draw anyone's strong attention toward your business and make your audience your consumers.
So, do you want to be more productive in your Social media marketing campaign? Let's get in touch for a free consultation.