Google Ads VS Facebook Ads: Which is superior?

August 8, 2022
Creative Hustlers

When it comes to digital advertising Facebook and Google ads both are the strongest players in the game. But when it comes to choosing one there's always chaos of WHICH IS BETTER in terms of ROI, costing, SEO, ease, etc. There appear many factors that make it comparable also depending upon the nature of the business one needs to advertise for and its targeted audience.

Big Debate on Facebook Vs Google Ads:What to choose for an effective ad campaign?

The revolution in the digital era led to enhanced connectivity which headed to a smooth rise in the interest and demands of customers for products and services. These days with ease in technology where everything is available with a click advertising campaign plays a role in making your product or service recognized in front of a huge targeted audience.

But, with a limited budget companies must be wise about the platform to advertise on. But what should be kept in mind while choosing the platform? Majorly the nature of your business and the targeted audience that collabs with your goals and budget. Let's deep-dive into this topic.

What are Google Ads?

Google ads are a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. It is known to be the world's largest search engine with over 5 billion users daily. It can be used to promote your business, help sell products or services, reach the target audience, raise awareness about a topic or service and increase traffic on your website.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are paid ads like Google ads which are displayed on Facebook. It targets over 2.7 billion active users. Through Facebook ads, one can reach a larger audience as it displays to the targeted audience matches your description. It's a clear advantage over Google ads.

Facebook ads are most suitable for social media marketing adding creativity to campaigns through display and creating brand awareness amongst the target audience.

If your team can only focus on one, there are a few things you'll want to consider.

Your campaign goal

Both platforms are unique providing their unique advantages but first figure out what is the target of your advertising campaign?

Is it brand awareness, sales, traffic, etc?

Once you figure it out there comes choosing the right platform for your campaign. Google ads can be an ideal choice to target traffic through keywords driving demand for and target audience who have a high purchase intent. Keeping that in mind it can lead to sales.

Facebook ads are an ideal choice for creating brand awareness and create recognition among the target audience which can later turn into the customer base.

Your Budget(Cost and ROI)

When it comes to ad campaigns each organization has a budget with its ultimate target to maximize the return on investment.

When it comes to the major difference between Google and Facebook Ads, you can think of it this way: Google Ads assists you to find new customers, while Facebook helps fresh customers find you.

If you are a new business and need to make a tough selection based on getting more sales right now. A lead campaign on Google will give you a better return on investment. With a large customer base and effective keywords, targeting can give you immense leads and sales.

Whereas, again for brand promotion and to generate new customers Facebook ads are effective in such a manner that it creates more awareness on a smaller budget and helps create a new customer base.

Reach and targeting ability

Both Facebook and Google are the most effective platforms to reach a huge customer base. With more than 5B users per day on the Google search engine and more than 2.7B active users on Facebook, Facebook captures 90 percent of mobile advertising revenue.

But where does your targeted audience reach out the most is the bigger question? Investing  just based on the size would be a naive decision but what needs to be kept in mind is :

- Product Orientation: You must know whether your product is search-orientated or social media-oriented. For example, if you are selling a water bottle target audience search this as a commodity on Google and get the best option for leads or sales. Whereas, If one needs to promote its service as a makeup artist social media can be the right platform for them.

- Audience Insight: Track insight of your target audience and know on which platform they invest the most time on.

To create brand awareness as a new brand Facebook ads can be the right platform to build an audience Base.

- Consumer Intent: Google ads have an advantage over Facebook ads because of its search engine in terms of customer intent.

If a consumer has an intention of instant availability of a commodity or a service For example if someone needs logistic services nearby they search it out on Google and get instant results.

Facebook ads can never be referred to as the right platform to advertise such daily services or commodities which limits them to an enormous extent.

People prioritize it to be a platform to socialize and relax and it's less likely to convert leads quickly.

Therefore Google Ads is the right choice if you seek an immediate customer conversion rate.

Campaign features

The manner audiences are targeted is the main difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns. Although Facebook Ads has a bunch of audience targeting choices, there isn’t much search or buying consumer intent.

Whereas Google has fewer audience targeting options but consumers use it more to search for immediate availability of certain commodities or services.

Key Features include:

AD network

- Facebook ads comprise ad networks like Facebook messenger, Instagram, and audience network.

- Google ads include shopping, google search engine, local service ads, Google mapping, etc.

Consumer intent

- Facebook ads have a passive intent.

- Google ads have an active intent.

Ad targeting

- Facebook ad through the audience.

- Google ad through keywords.

Visual and creative activity

- Facebook ad campaigns attract through images, videos, and visuals.

- Google ads only include image visuals for shopping ads.

These are a few key features of both platforms.

Customer service and review

Google provides a 9-9 pm phone support service to its customers on weekdays i.e from Monday to Friday whereas Facebook provides 24/7 live chat support as well as email support to its customers.

When it comes to customer reviews it is noticed that customers prefer Google more than Facebook in terms of advertising due to its active customer intent which leads to targeting sales and leads. Though it’s quite expensive, especially for its high competition keywords, it's still the best way to drive sales for high-end products.

Facebook can be said to be more user-friendly due to its interface and ability to advertise on Instagram. Apart from it, Facebook ads can be a little expensive as it doesn't target the audience directly.


This blog talks about the critical differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It begins with introducing you to Google and Facebook ads and further talking about the bigger topic of what makes each platform different and better from one another.

As a final take away it would be wise to conclude that Google ads have a clear edge over Facebook ads in terms of driving active sales, active customer intent, and ROI.

Facebook ads are a good option to display visual content and create brand awareness to drive new leads.