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December 23, 2022
Creative Hustlers

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What is custom mobile application development? How does it enhance your business growth?

In 2021, there were 5.7 million applications downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play combined. And that simply includes the number of mobile apps. It is more difficult to set your product apart from the competition when there are so many applications accessible on the market. In order to attract clients and differentiate themselves from the competition, businesses of all sizes and in all industries must engage in bespoke app development.

But how can one make successful custom software? We'll cover all the quirks of developing custom mobile applications in this article, including app types, development stages, and costs. You'll also discover the advantages of ready-made software over custom software.

Facts and figures: Why Custom Mobile Application?

By the year 2026, it's predicted that there will be up to 7.5 billion smartphone users, demonstrating once more how profitable the market for Custom mobile app development is. Rapid and dynamic growth is witnessed over the past 2 years which is a boom to the app development market and the figures are 461 billion in 2019 to 639 billion in 2021.

After watching such numbers it's predicted that the App Development market would outperform revenue of $100 billion in the global growing market. The growth rates are mind-wobbling, and as more and more people purchase cell phones, the market keeps on growing at a rapid rate.

Today, we as Flutter App Developers developing Custom Mobile applications are going to look at some of the astounding statistics for the mobile app development sector and see why custom mobile applications can offer you great figures.

According to Facts and Figures on mobile app development:

  • More than 5.13 billion people use mobile phones worldwide.
  • In 2023, 15.2 billion apps are expected to be downloaded.
  • By 2023, it is anticipated that mobile apps would bring in $935 billion.
  • Apps account for almost 90% of all smartphone time.
  • Every user's smartphone has 11 to 20 installed apps, on average.
  • Every month, 25,000 apps are added to the Apple App Store and 60,000 new apps are made available through the Google Play Store.

Stating these facts about mobile application development let’s know why most apps fail and how can Custom Mobile application can make a difference over Basic Applications.

Why Mobile applications gets uninstalled?

If an app uses up too much memory and a user wants to free up some space on their phone, 50.6% of users would delete it.

  • The majority of users may uninstall the app on the first day of use due to the complicated registration process.
  • 29.6% of users delete the app due to privacy and security concerns or dubious privacy and security policies.
  • Because of the bothersome notifications, 71% of users would delete the application.
  • Because of crashes, freezes, and other errors, 62% of users would delete the app.
  • If an app uses too much data, 20% of users would remove it.
But, regardless of the facts stated, some of the applications which are made In a way that hold Custom mobile application design, and development stands out because of their dynamic market research which makes them choose just the right thing for them.

Custom mobile application Development Vs Off-the-shelf Applications

Here, we'll give you a brief overview of the two types of software—off-the-shelf and custom—and how they differ from one another.

Off-the-shelf software is a pre-packaged, ready-to-use solution designed for a wide audience and numerous business sectors.


  • Video games like FIFA, Call of Duty, and Angry Birds
  • Gmail and Microsoft Office
  • Media Players like VLC, and Windows Media Player
  • CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) like Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho.

Custom app development involves a very structured and client-specific methodology. It is a process of ongoing innovation that enables you to produce a fantastic digital product.


  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Myntra
  • Tata Cliq
  • Nykaa
  • Lifeguard Mobile App
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
Aspect Custom Mobile Application Off-the-shelf Application
Definition Your customers will receive a specially designed solution from you after going through several stages of bespoke software development, including ideation, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Off-the-shelf software is a pre-packaged, ready-to-use solution that you can buy from the supplier and is already in use by a number of users.
User base In terms of user payments, custom software creation is free. In order to support a rising user base, it's critical to take user base scaling into account throughout the architecture design phase. If your user base is sizable or expected to grow, the cost-effectiveness of such a solution is taken into account in the cost per user model.
Updation Custom software can be changed in any way you like, at your own leisure. In this case, adding new features and functionalities is contingent on external timetables. Some of the functionality you need might not be compatible with the plan for developing digital products from your provider.
Time to Build Custom software development typically requires longer implementation times, yet working iteratively can help you reach the MVP more quickly. Even if creating pre-made products is quicker, the provider may need some time to make any alterations you may need.
Security Hackers typically avoid custom software because you have sufficient control over the security. Your provider is in charge of security since they have the necessary licences. You can enquire with them about the safety precautions implemented.
Data storage and protection Here, you are completely in charge of ensuring that the solution complies with the GDPR and other applicable regulations in terms of data protection. In off-the-shelf, it is only the provider's responsibility to guarantee data security and product compliance.
Cost of Ownership In the case of custom software development, the initial cost is typically substantially greater. The costs of software maintenance must also be taken into account. Although the entry cost is lower, you should estimate your monthly costs based on the expected user base.
Sustainability and Maintenance You are in charge of maintaining the software technology and documentation while creating bespoke solutions in order to prevent legacy and technical debt. When using off-the-shelf software, support and upkeep are handled by the developer. For software bug fixes and other issues, you must rely on the provider.
Continuity in Business Your company's continuance is within your control. Your provider determines if your business will continue.
Including add-ons Over time, updates are anticipated for your unique programme. Building your own software is preferable to adopting a generic solution if you intend to use it for long-term goals.
After being in the industry for the past few years, our Flutter App Developers at Creative Hustlers providing Custom application development services discovered that Off-the-shelf apps may first look more alluring owing to their cheaper cost, but many firms view them as a temporary fix to solve a long-term issue. On the other hand, bespoke mobile apps are made specifically to match a brand's needs, future-proof the firm, and adapt to changing needs and business strategies.

So, now that you’ve known the advantages to come up with a Custom Mobile application let’s quickly go through some amazing advantages:

Advantages of Custom Mobile Application Development

Nowadays, businesses whether a startup or an established one are highly benefited on the digital platforms and Apps are a boost to their revenue generation model. Providing a personalized experience to their clients and solving their problems on just a tap is what makes them distinguished and tech smart. Here are some of the most well-liked benefits of developing unique mobile applications for firms.

Enhances Effectiveness

Business apps act as a comprehensive app performing a variety of functions, negating the need for multiple apps because they are specifically designed with your business needs in mind. Also, it adds up to your comfort and fit your working style balancing the level of effectiveness and efficiency, which also leads to the augmentation of ROI.

High Scalability

Off-the-shelf apps are generally built up to operate basic operations and resources. Thus, it restricts the ability to cope with dynamics and steady tech trends in the market. Whereas, when we talk about Custom App Development the entire process takes place keeping in mind and forecasting the dynamics that can take place around. Thus, leads to Steady scalability.

Secures Application Data

It's possible that general business apps lack specialised security measures, which might put the security of your company's data at danger. Because pertinent security measures will be taken into account in accordance with your business needs while app development, having a custom app created exclusively for your business can strengthen your data security system.

Integrates With Software Already Existing

Custom apps are designed and optimised keeping in mind the requirements of your business and the right software to eliminate problems which leads to a seamless and smooth experience altogether.

Easily Maintained

You run the danger of putting yourself in the hands of an unreliable mobile app developer if you use standard apps for your routine business activities. You will need to locate a new app and stop using your present ones if the developer decides to stop supporting the app for whatever reason. You can have full control over your own bespoke business app and eliminate all dependency on others by creating one.

Enhances the relationship with customers

Customized Business Applications enhance the credibility of your Business and provide a personalized experience where it feels like a Direct interaction and integration between Customer and Business. It also leads to better insight tracking of your customers and their brand loyalty which helps to diversify the strategies according to your customer.

Facilitates the retrieval of new client data

Custom apps help you conduct surveys, contests, discount oriented activities which helps you grab new customers and gather their data without engaging in paperwork hassle.The conversion of your suspect client turning into prospect and much higher when it comes to customised experience.

Provides Access to projects instantly

With Custom apps the work is quite hassle free as it provides you quick access to your business docs on a click and you can move around and fulfil the work simultaneously. You can quickly link your phone with your business thanks to a tailored app.

Project management is simple

You can install custom apps to keep track of deadlines and project progress in real time. Updates can be delivered following the conclusion of each project phase, maintaining the project's billing cycle.

Create digital records to support accountability

With its highly trustable and powerful software the business serves higher accountability displaying that their application is a safe place for the customer’s crucial data records. This helps them create transperancy with the customers and helps them serve them better.

Creative Hustlers is Flutter app Development company offers custom application development

A competent software development firm, Creative Hustlers is situated in Ahmedabad, one of the most well-liked outsourcing locations in India. Our team has been assisting startups, SMBs, and businesses since years in obtaining specialised software solutions that improve their general functionality and user experience. And if you already have a fantastic idea, we will be happy to assist you in giving it life.
Every client of Creative hustlers is Flutter App Development offers Custom Application Development Services and receives a number of benefits to launch their own unique mobile application:
  • Expertise across a range of industries, including media, retail, education, and e-commerce.
  • Developers for both mobile and the web, DevOps, designers, project managers, QA engineers, and analytics are all on hand.
  • Full software development lifecycle and quality assurance.
  • Flexible model of collaboration: committed team, set price, time & materials.
If you have any sort of custom mobile app development requirement for your business, get in touch by filling in the contact form or speak to one of our representatives for FREE. 🤓