An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Webflow!

September 23, 2022
Creative Hustlers

Who doesn’t wish to develop their website without needing to jot down a single line of code? A Hosting platform which provides you with a revolutionary business website with featured design, and customization without much hassle around.

This article is a tour of Webflow as one of the growing CMS platforms over the globe.

Webflow is used by more than 3,500,000 designers and teams to build, collaborate on, and scale fascinating.  Webflow websites are entirely visual canvases and the foremost part is ‘No coding is needed.’

Brief: What is Webflow?

Webflow is a design platform that promises you all of them.

It is a cloud-based web design tool as well as a hosting platform and content management system all in one go.

Cutting it short, Your one-stop Platform for website assistance you need to put your hands on.

Webflow website is built in such a manner to provide the best assistance for small businesses and gives the e-commerce support one requires. You can build your very own online store without much hassle, with your Customizable database.

Having access to the Webflow CMS platform, Creative Hustlers website designers have their hands on the Webflow CMS platform and use it not just for designing a beautiful webflow website but for Creating Prototypes to show up your ideas in the manner before presenting them to your target audience.

Webflow: Why is it a hot topic?

Webflow is Free

Talking the foremost thing which attracts beginners is ‘Webflow is Free’.

The starter pack which let's get handy with features at a beginner level and does a lot of work for your website.

But, here comes the Catch, the free part just encourages you to upgrade as its features are limited.

So, if you need to learn about Webflow without a real-time execution you can use it for free as long as you wish to. But, as soon as you need real-time execution You have to upgrade to plans.

Plans are listed below: Charges Monthly Basis

  • Account plans - Account plans are required to host more than two webflow websites or in case you require to give your access to your developer and designer.
  • Site plans - Site plans are required to host every Webflow website when you're willing to connect your domain and let it go live.

Below is the rate card for website plans and e-commerce website plans

Relaxation of Installation

Webflow comes with ease in installation that one can enable the usage in less than a minute. It is a ready-to-use tool requiring no Installation. All you need is to Sign up for your Webflow account and you are ready you start your Webflow Website development journey.

Fact - Coming with a beginner-level interface it can easily be understood by a non-techie making its Usability easier.

Skill Level

Even though Webflow is claimed to be a “no code” tool it can also be referred to as a “no skill” tool. Webflow is more of a learning curve for beginners who aren't friendly with website designing and need to get their hands on it. With its user-friendly interface and “Webflow University” to help learn their tools it somewhat becomes an easy-to-go guide for a beginner to learn the Webflow Website building process.

Webflow Design

While going through webflow the moment you'll start with the designing process you'll be indicated to numerous tutorials as a guideline. The Designer does the work for you and controls numerous elements of your site.

Let's deep dive into the technical part.

Your most frequently used ones will be:

  • The Elements Panel
  • The Style Panel
  • The Navigator Panel
  • Pages Panel
The Elements Panel

The block building of Webflow website designs such as headings, images, buttons, block quotes, file upload, tabs, sliders, and social media elements. etc are known as ‘Elements’ of Webflow present in the (top-left hand) corner under Webflow logo.

These might be common for all the CMS platforms but Webflow did the work in such a manner that these elements have an easy to Insert layout which makes the work hassle free.

The Style Panel

The Style Panel is situated on the right allowing you to Style and edit the elements dropped In the ‘Element panel.’ For example, you can change the font, size, and typography structure of the elements dropped from the Element or Add panel.

You can change it during the process and the style would be visible in an instance.

The Navigator Panel

The navigator panel is present on the left beneath the Element panel button which shows you the structure of elements present on a particular page allowing you to have a live preview.Much likely if you need to make changes you can use the style panel for it and further navigate it in the navigator panel.

The Pages Panel

On the left side of The Designer comes the page icon to demonstrate on which page you are and to switch them and work on the SEO settings.

CMS and The Editor

Another Crucial part of Webflow is the CMS, which allows you to put in vigorous content. You might be thinking of a blog, but it also helps you out with portfolios and an endless range of other custom content you wish to display.

At Creative Hustlers, our team of Developers are fond of its API which allows us to build effective Weblooks and Functions.

You can start the CMS by clicking the stack icon on the left. It allows you to prepare your very own unique collection- Using templates you can prepare ideas into reality and let them go live on your website.

The Editor is yet another powerful tool for making your editing work easy to go in such a way that it allows you to make the changes you need to make in the content going live. Despite using The Designer you can simply open The editor and make changes hand to hand watching the display of content.

Customer support

Webflow is termed as a total win-win when it comes to offering direct customer support to its clients. When you talk about WordPress Vs Webflow, WordPress needs to be handled all on your own whereas Webflow provides you with fair customer support throughout.

Webflow VS WordPress: Why Webflow is a Win-Win?

We deep dive into the race of finding the right Website Building Platform WordPress and Webflow are recognized as one the leading in their Web Development Games. Despite being a ‘No Code’ platform both of them got much more than that.

Here, Let's have a glimpse at what makes Webflow stand above WordPress.

  • Ease of installation (Less than a minute)
  • Beginner Friendly Interface.
  • SEO friendliness.
  • Speed and Performance.
  • Better Customer Care Services.

Webflow: The conclusion

Webflow has an incredible resource library, called Webflow University, to enable those who are just getting started with Webflow and those who ought to understand what opportunities are open to them.

Overall, if you’re on the chase for a no-code CMS platform to help you create websites for the first time, or to bring your workflow easier as a professional web designer/developer, Webflow has made it all easy for them.

The Designer makes it easy for you to work on changes simultaneously while you're looking at those making your work super efficient all time. The skill level and interface efficiency works wonders.

In case you are a newbie willing to start a website Webflow is the learning curve for you and as a developer/designer you get hands-on flawless templates, designs and efficient interface flow.

Creative Hustlers: The Webflow Website developers

It's reasonably easy these days to establish a website of your own but stand out and to avoid a ‘Me Too’ website one needs to navigate the right Website Developer or the Right Agency for you.

We, at Creative Hustlers our Developers work on Webflow Websites that create your market Visibility and Brand Value for your website.