WordPress SEO: The Complete Guide of Tips and Tricks For Beginners

August 8, 2022
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Article Summary

WordPress is one of the promising content management systems (CMS) for SEO. Even though it holds a lot of extraordinary elements, there’s a lot more than just facilitating traffic on the internet. It’s time to have a closer look at WordPress SEO! Improving your SEO is an important element when it comes to creating traffic on your website. Optimizing your website by utilizing the tricks and promising strategies summarized in this article will help you improve your rankings, gain more traffic, or you must say the ideal organic audience or deals, and have a successful website.

You might have heard that  WordPress SEO is super user-friendly and that's the reason most people come up start a blog or a website on it. While WordPress makes it super efficient for the audience, still there's much to keep in mind to maximize your SEO actions. Here we come with a few actionable steps to step up your SEO game.

Let's get started…

What is SEO?

In a previous blog, we've already learned about what SEO is and how it works best for small businesses. And a lot of you might be familiar with the term SEO I.e Search Engine Optimization. The fundamentals of SEO are quite effortless. And with 57.8% of all web traffic coming from Google, it’s something worth concerning if you have a website.

So, SEO strategy mainly comprises improving your content so that search engines like Google can discover your web page and direct traffic to your page every time they are associated with the targeted search that cooperates with keywords.

Simple isn't it?

We'll make it simpler by sharing all the tips and tricks as a guide to boost your on-site and off-site WordPress SEO.

On-site and off-site SEO practices

Once you are ready with all the basic work on your website, let's jump directly to the technical part that's essential to know.

There are two categories of components which are termed: On-page and Off-page. We’ll go over these components and elaborate further on some of them in the rest of the Article.

On-page SEO

The name itself denotes the characters inside your website and that includes

Content on the website

Title tag for links

Well optimized Url structure

Images alt text

Page speed

Site mapping

Keyword optimization

Off-page SEO

Off-site SEO refers to the SEO practices performed as a referral for your targeted audience to redirect them to your WordPress website. That includes.

Link building

Influencer marketing

Social Media Marketing

RSS feed

Brand mention

Sharing displays like videos and photos

A Guide of Tips and tricks for beginners

Here we go a with step-by-step step guide to tips and tricks. We’ve assembled some of the simplest SEO strategies for WordPress websites.

Optimize your WordPress website

For a website to climb up a good ranking on search engines, it's essential to optimize your website in a manner that can be highly targeted by your audience and is user-friendly.

Here we go with a few pointers on what to do?

Make your website mobile-friendly

A secure website earns goodwill and attention

Work on the loading speed

Make your interface friendly for both desktop and mobile users

Track your website insights

WordPress SEO plugins

Here's a doubt I must make clear in the very beginning that SEO plugins don't help you optimize your website SEO for you, it just streamlines your efforts and SEO practices. But do not use a lot of plugins at once.

Choose wisely which plugin you might go for keeping its characteristics in mind. Some ofthem are:

All-in-one SEO for WordPress is the most popular one.

Yoast SEO

SEO press

Rank Math

Semrush SEO writing assistant

Monster insight

Broken line checker

SEO-optimized image

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

These are a list of plugins to ease your task on the WordPress website building procedure. And the best part is WordPress offers a plugin for any activity you need to practice in the process.

Speed up your website

A slow website can be highly frustrating for the users to go through and thus lower the audience engagement and limits the visitors to your website. So speed is an important part of WordPress SEO practices and is a huge part of the overall user experience.

To does for working on your WordPress Website:

Estimate your website speed by using tools.

Improve your website speed by using as little and as best as you can according to the characters of tools.

On-Site and off-Site SEO practices

As mentioned above, with on-site SEO and off-site SEO  practices one can improve the engagement rate on their websites.

Let's rush to have a little brief about it.

On-site SEO includes content that attracts your audience to visit your website and the quality that is very important for SEO practices. Your content can contain keywords, but its intention must be to offer usefulness to your audience.

The title tag referred to in this context refers to the blue clickable links 🔗 which you see as a search result while searching for something on Google. It must be well optimized and not exceed more than 50-80 characters.

Well-optimized URLs can redirect your audience to your website as it helps the search engine to distinguish your page.

As mentioned above, the speed of a page can make your website much more user-friendly to the audience; otherwise a slow website could be highly frustrating and decrease your chances to be recognized.

Image alt text is used to characterize the purpose and impression of an image.

Keyword optimization is essential to increase your page traffic but always avoid keyword stuffing.

A sitemap lists a website’s most crucial pages, thus, making sure search engines can discover and crawl them. This makes your website much more discoverable. It is a decent way to act as a roadmap to your website and is great for search engines to locate your site.

Now talking about off-page SEO practices that could be performed to boost your WordPress website SEO.

Working on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and referring to your website can redirect your audience to visit your website and make sure the content on each platform must be unique.

Influencer marketing works in such a manner that your website can be advertised by influencers on social media to increase the traffic to your website.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and occasionally also for Really Simple Syndication. The RSS feed includes updates to your website, i.e. updated content, display content, links, etc.

Brand mention refers to when one website mentions another website and this helps as a collaboration between the two to help both of them to boost their websites. Brand Mentions are also recognized as implied links.

Link building as the name itself mentions the meaning refers to compiling links to your website from other websites in SEO; it is also called backlinks. Referring to highly recommended websites can help you increase your rank as well.

Secure your website

A secured website helps your search engine optimization as it is much more recognized and ranked by Google as having a higher chance to be displayed and creates a sense of security among the users as goodwill for your business WordPress website. Website security is not just an SEO practice but also something that can bounce back on you and get your website prohibited from search results.

Wrapping it up!

Wordpress offers tons of opportunities to optimize your website and start practices that can boost your performance and invite enormous users to your webpage. Make sure that you follow the mentioned on-page SEO practices as well as an off-page SEO strategy.

Remember, SEO is an ongoing and long-term action. It doesn't happen overnight. You need to have a keen interest in doing best practices and always remember that “less is more.”

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